Simple Healing Space

Simple Healing Space
Santa Monica on 5th, California
Simple Healing Space is the destination for energy-balancing, lifting and sculpting Gua Sha Facial, known to tighten and tone facial muscles, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and the appearance of dark circles and puffy eyes. This treatment has been known to alleviate jaw pain and clear up sinus congestion. Healing rose quartz tools are used to boost blood circulation, increase collagen production and encourage lymphatic drainage, giving you a healthy glow.

Choose the Simple Healing Facial for your first visit or a monthly maintenance, reset and refresh, deep cleansing and proper hydration, acne management, or if you have premature aging concerns. If appropriate, may include one or more of the following: facial reflexology and acupressure, sculptural face lifting massage, manual lymphatic drainage.

To complement a holistic wellness skincare practice, Reiki energy balancing is available to those who are seeking calm while strengthening their wellbeing. Get the support you need to increase energy and creativity by putting your body at ease and clearing your mind.

You have the option to enhance your facial treatment with:

Cryotherapy: a soothing, calming treatment for sensitized skin

LED Light Therapy: eliminates acne-causing bacteria on skin’s surface, stimulate collagen production, anti-inflammatory, reduces redness, fades dark spots and scarring

High Frequency: a blemish treatment, antibacterial, oxygenates, calms inflamed skin

Back Exfoliation: cleansing, gentle exfoliation, massage and hydration of skin on your back

Aromatherapy Foot Treatment: gentle cleansing and exfoliation, massage and hydration