Artisan Neuromuscular & Sports Therapy

Artisan Neuromuscular & Sports Therapy
West Hollywood, California

If you’re looking for a massage near you, there’s one place you should check out: Artisan Neuromuscular & Sports Therapy. As a local massage therapist in West Hollywood and Los Angeles,

Specialize in  Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, and Stretch Therapy

I offer a range of massage techniques to help you relieve stress, ease muscle tension, and alleviate pain. What sets Artisan Neuromuscular & Sports Therapy apart from other massage places is their focus on neuromuscular therapy. This type of massage targets specific areas of muscle tension and pain using advanced techniques for sports injuries. It’s ideal for those with chronic pain or injuries who need more than just a general relaxation massage.

Jesse Anoraj, CMT is a well-trained massage therapist providing sports & therapeutic massage. Addressing Back & Neck Pain, Stress Management, Migraine Relief, Muscle Soreness, and Shoulder Painful Spots. placed Jesse as one of the Best Massage Therapist in Los Angeles.

The root of my hands-on treatment combines the art of Eastern Bodywork and Modern Western Science.  As your facilitator, I enjoy working with individuals looking to improve their health, mind, and well-being. I help deactivate chronic muscle pain, release muscle tension in a specific area, and facilitate flexibility/mobility gains. It’s all from my empathic quality of touch based on the Neuroscience of Massage Therapy.

I am proficient in the field of soft tissue health. I tailor treatments to improve mobility, restore function, alleviate pain and reduce or prevent physical restrictions, often caused by repetitive injury and physical & emotional trauma.  

I offer same-day massage appointments and online booking for your convenience. If you’re in Los Angeles CA or West Hollywood area and in need of a massage, let me take care of you. Book now for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience!


Neuromuscular Massage Therapy is a highly effective form of Deep Tissue Massage for pain management and prevention, helping to improve your vitality and movement. It involves effective Myofascial Trigger Point Release for various conditions such as Pain Between Shoulder Blades, Chronic Pain, Stiff Shoulders, Back Pain Relief, Shooting Pain from Active Trigger Points, Neck Spasms, Neck Massage, Muscle Pain and Stiffness, Pinched Nerves, Deep Dull Pain, and Nerve Entrapment.

  Sports Massage is a type of therapeutic massage that targets athletes and active individuals to enhance their physical performance and prevent injuries. This full-body maintenance session aids in the recovery process and refuels the body after physical activity, making it ideal for DOMS, jet lag, and travel fatigue. By manipulating soft tissue and joints, sports massage therapy and fascia massage helps to alleviate muscle tension, reduce inflammation, and improve circulation, flexibility, and range of motion.   Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient bodywork approach to boosting your serenity and mindfulness. It focuses on Sen Energy Lines and Stretching, helping to promote relaxation and balance in the body.  

Stretch Therapy is  also known as assisted stretching or facilitated stretching, is a type of bodywork that involves a trained therapist helping a client to stretch and lengthen their muscles, either passively or actively. The therapist can use various stretching techniques to assist in the stretch, such as applying pressure or holding a limb in a specific position, with the goal of improving flexibility, range of motion, and reducing muscle tension. Stretch therapy can be helpful for athletes, sports recovery,  people with mobility limitations, and anyone looking to improve their overall flexibility and mobility.

Myofascial Decompression and Cupping Therapy

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