Brazilian Honey Waxing

Brazilian Honey Waxing
Santa Monica on 2nd, California
Germana is from Fortaleza, Brazil. About 20 years ago she created her 100% Pure honey Wax with the Honey from her father’s bee farm. Over the many years that she has lived in L.A. she has managed to grow an impressive private clientele (including many celebrities) as well a reputation as a meticulous and professional body waxing artist. She came to fill it up a shortage of good, clean, licensed waxers in L.A. She loves the idea of her clients feeling comfortable and confident knowing that she is a licensed Esthetician, educated and knowledgeable about waxing. She personally train all the licensed estheticians that work in her business to make sure they use her exclusive and less painful technique. We are certain you will find her technique flawless and her honey wax the finest, highest quality in the business! She only does waxing and does it because she loves it.