Eleven & Rose Aesthetics - Permanent Makeup Studio

Eleven & Rose Aesthetics - Permanent Makeup Studio
Thousand Oaks, California
Hi! I’m Katie, the owner of Eleven & Rose Aesthetics Permanent Makeup Studio located inside Salon Republic, Thousand Oaks California. I’m a certified Permanent Cosmetic Practitioner in Ventura County. My studio offers powder/ombré brows, nano combo brows, nano brows, and lip blush. As artists, our mission is to optimize your natural beauty with micropigmentation. Jenna, Kellee, & myself continue our education and training so we can bring you the latest technology and techniques. Besides boosting self-confidence, permanent makeup can also lead to a more active lifestyle, personal freedom and save quite a bit of time and money on makeup application. Permanent makeup (PMU) or micropigmentation is the method of depositing hypoallergenic vegan mineral pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. This is done with an ultra-thin, nano needle. These pigments enhance the color and shape of eyebrows, eyes, and lips. Book an appointment or schedule a free video consultation online anytime, from pre-care to aftercare, you’re guided every step of the way so you can enjoy your experience and results. Eleven & Rose hosts special events at our studio so Conejo Valley locals have a chance to book a service with one of their favorite Master Permanent Makeup Artists while they’re on the road. Follow us on instagram @elevenandrose.aesthetics for the latest news and updates. Are you interested in converting from Microblading to Hyperrealistic NanoBrows? Hyperrealistic NanoBrows is not Microblading. This is the latest technique on the forefront of the cosmetic tattooing industry because it boasts a number of solutions to the Microblading problem. NanoBrows are gentle on the skin. It implants pigment without cutting open or building up scar tissue on the skin. NanoBrows are great for all skin types. NanoBrows are not painful, there is no bleeding or unsightly scabby downtime after the session. NanoBrows lasts longer—up to 3 years but you can get touched up annually if you want to keep them looking their best with no effort. And on top of it all, NanoBrows look more natural. Visit our website for more information and pricing.