Embody Electrology

Embody Electrology
Santa Monica on 2nd, California
Electrolysis is the ONLY method of Permanent Hair Removal approved by the FDA. Great for ALL PEOPLE, but especially for women with PCOS and Transgender women & men.  If you have been on a long journey to getting rid of unwanted hair and its simply isnt working out because you have blond hairs, course stubborn red hairs, facial hairs etc, Electroysis is the answer for permanent results. My name is Mai Abe I am a California Board Certified & Licensed Electrologist based in Santa Monica CA.  I have been in practice for over 5 plus years as a independent contractor and worked in different cities across the U.S.  My goal is to provide great results and help my clients get to their goals with precision, care, and safety.  Electrolysis is an investment and a commitment.   As your personal provider I will honor the standard you keep. Services are all by time and simple. *15 mins consultation *30 Mins session *1 hour session *2 hour sessions and up to 4 hours session per person max. You can find All service rates and booking options @ www.Embodyelectrology.com Please feel free to call/text me directly for any questions or concerns @ (323) 608-7910