West Hollywood, California
It all started in my college dorm room, dubbed Salon 331! As an avid 90’s raver, I always dabbled in hair coloring and styling back in Tucson, Arizona. When I moved to Los Angeles over a decade ago, I was a travel agent looking for a big change… I went back to school for art therapy and photography, not finding my stride in either. I epitomized the LA-in-your-twenties cliche of working the most random jobs known to mankind… everything from reality TV production to selling office supplies door to door to slanging Brazilian meats to picking avocados in the Hollywood Hills to planning memorial services at a comedy club. Bartending and serving at every restaurant from The Abbey to SaddleRanch on Sunset (small, very PROUD radius) introduced me to so many talented and ambitious people in the entertainment industry. I found myself becoming more and more involved in the behind the scenes antics of music videos, comedy sketches, and short films. I styled my best friend’s wardrobe and hair for her country music shows all over Los Angeles (picture two blondes getting ready in the GoGo Dancer bathroom of a gay bar, screeching down the Sunset Strip covered in hair spray and rock’n’roll dreams, hawking tickets to The Whisky in leather boots as high as our ponytails and aspirations), as well as, styling my favorite comedienne for various sketches, YouTube shows, and concept reels.   After several years, these two lovely ladies had a brilliant idea – that had never crossed my mind! Because I LOVED styling so much and always had a blast, I never considered it an actual JOB. My friend Shannon urged me to attend Cosmetology School (which, at 30 years old, was quite daunting) and made me sign a bar napkin in red wine to promise my attendance. After two grueling and rewarding years at West Valley Occupational College in Woodland Hills, I sashayed into a brand new career! Due to an unfortunate incident years earlier with * trigger warning to other stylists * box dye, I met a truly Southern gentleman named J Travis Walters, that became a mentor, teacher, and boss. He hired and trained me at Dry Bar and Ulta Beauty where I took as many classes as I could to soak up new techniques and styles before going off on my own. After a brief stint styling for TV (turns out, not being my own creative boss is NOT for me), I opened my own studio in West Hollywood! I share a suite in Salon Republic with the most talented and fun group of stylists where we serve wine and whiskey, rock out to everything from CCR to Dirty Heads to pop princesses of today and yesteryear, and are cascaded in the sunshine, love, and the glow of the Hollywood Hills. I specialize in blonding, vivids and pastels, beachy mermaids, extensions, bro’lites, and festival styling… and I live for a transformative before and after mome #HairByOliviaLane.  
As a kid, I played with My Little Ponies and my favorite movie was Return to Oz. I LIVED for Princess Mombi and her ever changing collection of heads (read: hair styles). So I kept one main (pun intended) pony and with the rest, I twisted off their bodies and threw them in the trash. I braided, styled, and painted the body-less mane’s of the remaining ponies and used all the different heads to suit the mood of my Princess Pony. Upon the discovery of a pile of plastic pony corpses, my Mom figured I would become a hair stylist…. or a serial killer! Here’s to the former coming true 😉
I never dreamed of a career where every day felt like a fun-filled laugh fest with best friends AND afforded me the luxury to do what I love – travel, drink wine, mosh at rock shows, and be an activist and LGBT/BLM ally. I am forever grateful.   Being a part of the beauty industry has taught me so much about continuing my education and supporting fellow stylists. There is MORE than enough room in this industry for everyone and the energy within Salon Republic and my studio specifically is so uplifting and collaborative. As a stylist, I believe I offer much more than just hair. I remember details about my clients’ lives that make them feel special and am truly invested in every aspect. I’m proud when my clients nail that audition, land that promotion, or make their first date swoon! I really love bohemian blondes and drastic transformations but I think my clients would say they love me most for my ridiculous stories and #Hairapy. 😉