Saving Grace Salon, Inc.

Saving Grace Salon, Inc.
Studio CIty, California
My career as hair stylist and hair colorist began in 1977 in New York. Since then, I have been dedicated to excellence in my craft. I am constantly learning, always strive to improve and remain on the forefront of current styles, trends and products. I provide care obsessed, extraordinary hair color services. Multi-dimensional gray coverage, hand-painted highlights, balayage and hair cutting and styling.  Creative and corrective hair color services by appointment.  Dry hair cutting specialist when it is right for my client. People say what I do is an art. I reply, it is an ART, a SCIENCE, a PSYCHOLOGY. As a hair colorist with over forty-years in my industry, I have acquired much knowledge of technicalities and techniques. With my mastery of the art of hair color correction and have created very loyal clients out of my rescues.  View my testimonial page on my website.