Tattoos by Misha

Tattoos by Misha
Hollywood, California
  Misha’s been Tattooing since 1991, starting in the Detroit area then in Chicago & New Orleans for a few years each. Finally landing in Los Angeles in 2003. At the beginning of 2015, Misha opened her Private, Appointment Only, Custom studio: ‘Tattoos by Misha’. Providing a more personal private space. Misha specializes in covering up tattoos as well as scars and stretch marks. She views cover up tattoos as a puzzle and a challenge, It’s her job to ‘Back Engineer’ what the client really wants to put there, and figure out what needs to be done to cover the old tattoo.She loves helping a client love the tattoo they once hated.  Since she’s worked all over the country, Misha is proficient in tattooing many verities of skin colors and types. She also enjoys tattooing Celtic knot work, Watercolor style, Botanical Illustration style, Henna / Lace designs, Custom Designing tattoos, and especially Japanese Art Tattoos.