Violet Hour Skin

Violet Hour Skin
Santa Monica on 5th, California

Specializing in bespoke skin care, facelifting massage, buccal massage, Gua Sha, microcurrent, expert brow shaping & Brazilian waxing (especially first timers and sensitive types!).

We believe that healthy skin doesn’t need complicated regimens, harsh treatments and expensive products. We believe in aging gracefully and that healthy skin is beautiful skin at every age and every stage.


Skin is a visual representation of what’s happening internally, to the whole person, and doesn’t stand alone as a separate thing. That’s why we treat lifestyle, genetics, medical history and skincare history all as separate parts of the whole puzzle when we treat your skin.

We consider our method to be scientifically holistic. We follow a corneotherapeutic approach to skin, which means that we work first and foremost to address barrier function, a strong barrier reduces inflammation and the cascade of effects on this skin that this has. Manifesting in everything from sensitivity, redness, dry patches, oiliness to flakiness, dehydration and beyond – the every day skin issues that many of us suffer from, not bad but also not great.

By working to repair, support and strengthen your barrier function we allow your body to re-regulate your skin function. We give it the space it needs to find homeostasis and balance. We do this by working in three phases:

  1. Repair – We work to restore and support  your skin’s barrier function
  2. Replenish – We start introducing the actives needed to support healthy skin function and support any deficiencies that your skin has
  3. Revision – Once your skin is healthy and strong, we have a range of options to revise anything that’s left such as hyperpigmentation, scars, etc.
We encourage all new clients to begin with The Skinquisition, our advanced skin consultation and analysis.