Alfredo Lewis’s Journey of Adaptation and Impact in the Hair World

Alfredo Lewis shares his thoughts on the importance adaptation has been for the success of his career.

Alfredo Lewis shares his journey from aspiring actor to influential figure in the hair industry. Raised near Disneyland in Orange County, California, Alfredo’s initial aspiration was to become an actor. After a year of pursuing acting and feeling unfulfilled, he stumbled upon an interview with actress Debi Mazar, who found success in the movie industry through hairstyling. Intrigued by the idea of making connections while having a backup plan, he enrolled in beauty school part-time to explore hairstyling as a potential career.

Initially attending LA Trade Tech for its flexible schedule, he soon transitioned to a more expensive school, Yamano Beauty College. The unique setup of his classes allowed for more one-on-one interactions with instructors, which enhanced his learning experience.

Alfredo’s perspective shifted when Instagram and the B3 Brazilian Bond Builder product were on the rise. At that point, he realized the significance of social media in the hair industry and its potential for business growth. Alfredo’s personal Instagram, however, primarily featured non-hair-related content. This changed with the emergence of B3, which pushed him to create a dedicated Instagram presence for hair-related content.

His expertise in B3 and influencer marketing led to him being hired by Behind the Chair (BTC). His impact on B3 was substantial, as he built a network of 90 influencers who promoted the product. Collaborations and partnerships with other artists further boosted his Instagram following. Mary Rector-Gable, the founder of BTC, recognized his potential and invited him to join BTC to offer his insights into the business side of the industry.

Mary aimed to leverage Alfredo’s experience to navigate the evolving landscape of the hair industry. With increasing changes and challenges, the industry requires careful consideration of contracts, fair compensation, and artist protection. Alfredo’s journey showcases the power of adapting, embracing opportunities, and utilizing social media to reshape one’s career trajectory in a rapidly changing industry.

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