Social Media for Hairstylists with Don Godfrey, from @nothingbutpixies

Don Godfrey is an expert in social media for hairstylists.
The Hair Game Podcast host Eric Taylor with Don Godfrey from @nothingbutpixies at Sasson Academy in Santa Monica, CA.

The video features an interview with Don Godfrey, an expert consultant in the field of social media, focusing on content creation and optimization rather than the term “influencer.” He’s informally known as the “Don of Social Media.” The interview delves into Don’s journey, expertise, and how he became a sought-after figure in the social media space.

Don shares that he initially noticed the rising trend of people using platforms like Facebook and Twitter to gain popularity. He was already skilled in online selling through platforms like Craigslist and WebShots, and this experience laid the foundation for his future in social media. In the early days of Instagram (around 2012-2013), Don created a page called “Nothing But Pixies.” He began posting celebrity and client photos related to pixie cuts, attracting attention from well-known hairstylists.

Don’s expertise and unique content caught the attention of hairstylists like Be Scene, Ricky, and Wes, who began reaching out to him for guidance on managing their social media accounts. Don explains that his pages were born out of a hobby and a passion for the industry. Over time, his pages gained significant followers, and he learned to adapt and evolve his content.

He expanded his brand to include “All About Hair” to cater to the growing popularity of vivids and longer hairstyles. These pages quickly grew to have over 100k followers each. Combining his highest-following pages, he now has a combined follower count of around 1.1 million.

Don emphasizes the importance of setting clear goals for one’s social media strategy. For new hairdressers aiming to build a clientele, he suggests focusing on that goal before seeking sponsorships or other opportunities. He likens the process to a marathon, with consistent effort over time.

The interview shifts to discussing strategies for optimizing a hairstylist’s Instagram profile. Don suggests carefully choosing a profile title that includes relevant keywords and location names for search engine optimization. He emphasizes the significance of creating a strong profile bio that functions as an elevator pitch. The bio should convey the hairstylist’s name, location, services offered, a brief description, and contact information.

Moving to content creation, Don advises new hairdressers to showcase their desired specialties. He recommends posting a well-rounded selection of content that represents the hairstylist’s skills, such as balayage, men’s cuts, and more. Don emphasizes that the content should reflect a 360-degree view of the hairstylist’s life, including personal interests and location-based elements. He even suggests posting non-hair related images that show local landmarks, hobbies, and activities.

Don’s approach is centered around building a brand that is authentic, personal, and appealing to potential clients. He encourages hairstylists to present themselves as real individuals, connecting with clients on a more personal level beyond just their skills.

In summary, Don Godfrey’s interview provides valuable insights into the world of social media content creation for hairstylists. His journey from Craigslist selling to becoming a recognized figure in the industry showcases the power of authentic engagement and strategic content planning in building a strong online presence.

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