A Tutorial on Guy Tang Mydentity Dusty Lavender w/ @amaniashawn

Amania Shawn uses Guy Tang Mydentity Dusty Lavender color to transform this client's look.

Meet Amania Shawn from Salon Republic Woodland Hills, embarking on a hair transformation journey today. The canvas? A natural level 4-6 with hints of gold. The goal? A captivating Guy Tang Mydentity dusty lavender. Amania guides us through her technique, employing teasing and baby lights for a lighter touch. The hair is meticulously sectioned, with a V parting at the start, gradually transitioning to straight sections on top.

As we move to the back, Amania expertly places three foils back-to-back, complemented by side paneling. The under sections maintain their original hue, while a subtle baby light graces the front. A thoughtful touch, she decides to lowlight the remaining orange-gold sections, ensuring precision with each foil.

After a pre-toning session, the hair lifts to a delightful level 9/10, thanks to the use of titanium to combat those pesky yellow tones. Now, the stage is set for the shadow root. Enter Guy Tang Mydentity 6DL with a dash of ultra violet. Amania skillfully applies the shadow root from mid-shaft to ends, leaving the tips untouched initially. The magic happens as clear is introduced to the formula, gradually saturating the ends for a seamless transition from darkness to light.

The result? A mesmerizing, multi-tonal lavender masterpiece. Amania invites us to follow her on Instagram @amaniashawn for more insights and encourages us to DM her with any questions. And with that, we’ve witnessed the artistry of Amania Shawn, transforming hair into a work of vibrant beauty.

Click here to watch: https://youtu.be/KEeEo6YuzVU