How to Deliver the Client Experience w/ Carlos @sugarskulls Ramos

Carlos Ramos shares his strategies for delivering a quality client experience.

In the heart of downtown Los Angeles, on a chilly day atop the Mercantile Lofts, Carlos “Sugar Skulls” Ramos welcomes us to his creative haven. Despite the biting cold, the rooftop offers a stunning backdrop to discuss the client experience. This unconventional loft space, devoid of a storefront, encapsulates the essence of Carlos’s unique journey in the hairstyling world.

As a hairstylist for eight years, Carlos traces his roots back to working with Robert Cromeans, Paul Mitchell’s international creative director. Over time, he transitioned from various Los Angeles salons to create a culture and vibe uniquely his own—a culture that has thrived in the exclusivity of word-of-mouth clientele.

Four stories above ground, Carlos discusses his unconventional approach to the client experience. Every client is welcomed into what he affectionately calls a “guy’s secret clubhouse,” where exclusivity and personalized experiences reign supreme. Instagram played a pivotal role in building his brand, but Carlos emphasizes that word of mouth remains the backbone of his success.

The conversation delves into the meticulous process of each haircut, including the unique tradition of adorning clients with sunglasses for photographs. Carlos shares his passion for capturing every moment, turning each haircut into a visual story. He reflects on the challenges of building a team and fostering a community within his studio, likening it to being in a band with diverse creative minds.

The interview concludes with insights into Carlos’s personal philosophy—his energy-driven approach to life. He credits his friends and clients for lifting his spirits during challenging times. Addressing hypothetical challenges, such as relocating to a new city without Instagram, Carlos highlights the importance of building relationships and starting afresh, emphasizing the value of word of mouth.

The conversation unveils Carlos’s latest venture,, a platform where hairstylists share their industry knowledge. The platform offers a wealth of instructional content, ranging from building a clientele to leveraging social media, providing a valuable resource for aspiring hairstylists.

In essence, Carlos “Sugar Skulls” Ramos emerges not just as a hairstylist but as a creative force, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. His journey is a testament to the power of authenticity, personalized experiences, and the enduring influence of word of mouth in the ever-evolving world of hairstyling.

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