Bay Area Brows and Lashes

Bay Area Brows and Lashes
Emeryville, California
Hi all my name is Leti. I’ve been a lisenced esthetician for 6 years specializing in eyebrows and lashes. I am 39 years young and survived the 90’s brow era. High five! And I can say I have mastered the brow journey. I excel in brow rehabilitation and with consistent appointments we can get you your dream brows. I use top of the line brow products and lash products. The services I use to make all your brow and lash dreams come true are brow lamination, brow tint, brow waxing, LASH LIFTINg and  LASH TINTING. I’m also certified to do lash extensions and I’m experimenting with a lash extension menu. So far I’m only offering classic sets  for the price of 50$. I am so excited to meet you! Don’t forget that once you book your appointment you’ll be sent an email for confirmation and consent form to fill out. Thank you for booking with Bay Area Brows & Lashes and I look forward to making your brow and lash dreams come true <3