Sana Styles Studio

Sana Styles Studio
Del Mar, California
Hi! I , primarily, focus on tight-curl care and offer programs to help create consistency so we can team-up effort on retention to get your hair healthy. I offer protective styles like plaits , and two strand twists for low manipulation! Although , I’m building inclusiveness in braid-styles such as; box braids, cornrows  for EVERYONE who desire these braid styles, I’m definitely limiting these service to tight curls as my focus is optimum hair-care for this group at the moment or the following styles; loop or weave crochet , fauxlocs, kinky twists or feeder braids , if   interested in putting your hair away. I have total 9 years experience behind the chair , 3 years of it as a licensed cosmetologist. My signature installs are crochet installs, shaggy locs, and two strand twists!