How to Grow Your Beauty Business with a Salon Space Rental

Renting salon space offers many benefits such as the ability to design and create a unique vibe.
A two-station studio at Salon Republic Santa Monica on 5th St.

Do you dream of becoming your own boss and want to grow your beauty business? A salon space rental can help you achieve this, taking your career to the next level. But how do you know if renting a studio space is worth the risk? Can it really help you reach your goals? We have all these answers and more in our comprehensive guide below. 

What is a Salon Space Rental?

Salon suite rentals are mini-salons that you can rent to grow your business. These private studios are available within a larger community of hairstylists and beauty professionals. Some come with pre-built cabinetry and shelving, while others offer a completely customizable space for you to create your own vibe. 

Some salon studio rentals also include everything you need to run your business (utilities, salon chair, etc.), so you don’t have to deal with the overhead costs of owning a storefront salon. 

And, unlike booth or chair rentals, salon suites allow you to have a private, intimate space for you and your client. 

Salon studios may come with or without pre-built shelves and cabinetry. This studio was created without any supplied furnishings, allowing a more custom look.
A two-station studio at Salon Republic Santa Monica on 5th St.

Different Sizes of Salon Suites

There are many different sizes of salon space that you can rent. For example, if you want a one-on-one client experience, consider renting a single-station studio. If you’re looking to save on the cost of rent, then opt for a larger studio where you can share the space with one or more beauty professionals. 

If you’re a current salon owner and have other stylists, estheticians, or other beauty pros working under you, consider a custom-sized studio that offers enough space for you and all of your beauty professionals. 

Benefits of Salon Space Rentals 

There are quite a few reasons why you might want to rent a salon space, including the following: 

  • Flexibility  – A salon space rental gives you complete freedom to run your beauty business any way you see fit — you’re the boss! You get to decide which products you use, what services you offer, and how much you charge. You also get to decide when you work. If you don’t want to work Mondays, you don’t have to! You manage the schedule. Some salon suite rental locations offer 24/7 access so you can take advantage of off-peak hours and truly work whenever you want.
  • Creative Control – A beauty salon rental gives you complete control over your brand. Customize your space to truly reflect your business’s vibe, right down to the artwork, decor, and even the music you play. As a beauty business owner, you also get to run your own promotions, develop your style of marketing, and create the type of content that reflects your ideas and particular techniques. 
  • Client Control – Not only does a salon suite rental let you control the customer experience through your branding, but it also gives you more control over your clientele. Instead of being required to take on all clients at a traditional salon, you can specialize and choose the types of services (and clients) you want to do. This leads to a much more enjoyable workday and a much happier you!  
  • Networking Opportunities – Working near other successful, like-minded beauty professionals gives you the opportunity to share knowledge, collaborate, and even refer clientele to each other. Some salon space rentals offer complimentary education, giving you opportunities to learn from and connect with other beauty experts in the industry.
Reception Area at Salon Republic Santa Monica on 5th St.

Tips for Choosing the Right Salon Space

Ready to rent a salon space? Great! So where do you start? Here are a few tips for choosing the best salon suite rental for you: 

  • LocationThe location of your beauty salon rental can really make or break your business. Know where your target market lives, works, and frequents, and try to find a salon suite in that area. Make it convenient for them to find, looking at factors like parking, walkability, and accessibility.
  • Size – Besides the location of the salon space rental, consider the size of the suite. Will you be sharing with another beauty professional? How much room do you need to successfully take care of each of your clients? Think about what services you’re offering, and be realistic about the size you’ll need. 
  • Amenities – One of the perks of renting a salon studio is the amenities that come with it. Look at what the rental offers and see if it makes sense for what you need to grow your business. Does it provide free on-site laundry facilities or towel service? Does it include complimentary Wi-Fi so you can schedule your bookings and make payments?
  • Lease Terms – Once you find a salon suite rental, review all the fine details of the lease term agreement. Determine the rate of your salon suite rental (fixed rate, percentage, etc.), the length of the rental term (weekly, monthly, etc.), and what’s included in the total cost (utilities, maintenance, etc.). You’ll also want to know the terms by which you or your landlord can cancel the contract.
  • Safety and Security – Visit the salon space at different times of the day to get the full vibe. Look into how the space can be accessed — is there a buzzer-controlled entry, a key code, a salon manager, etc.? You’ll also want to ask about additional safety features like security guards, security cameras, and emergency exits. Also, double-check the legalities and if the landlord offers any special rates on insurance to protect against theft and damage.
Salon studios offer a more private, intimate experience for your client.
Esthetician studio at Salon Republic in Del Mar, CA.

Should You Rent a Salon Studio for Your Beauty Business?

If you’re ready to take your career into your own hands, a salon space rental can help kick-start your future. By saving you the time, money, and risk that comes with starting a storefront salon, studio rentals can help you achieve success in a supportive and community-minded space.