5 Reasons Why Beauty Professionals Should Lease a Salon Suite

Renting a salon suite offers many benefits such as the ability to design and create a your own vibe for your business.
A custom sized hairstylist studio at Salon Republic Murrieta.

To lease a salon suite means running your own salon. You pay rent for your own private salon space and then have the freedom to run your business however you see fit. 

So why lease a salon suite? Simply put, renting a salon suite is a smart investment for your beauty business. Here are five reasons why you should consider a salon suite for rent.

1. Lower overhead costs

When leasing a salon suite, you’ll need significantly less money to start than if you opened a storefront salon. That’s because most overhead expenses, like utilities, are included in the lease. In addition, day-to-day operations and maintenance are usually taken care of by the owner of the salon suites.

2. Freedom to be your own boss

Leasing a salon suite lets you be your own boss. You get to decide how you want to run your business. 

You get to set your prices, choose your products, and determine which services you want to offer your clients. You also have the freedom to design and style your studio how you wish. If you want to grow your business after you move to a salon studio, you can shift to a larger salon space within the same building and avoid the cost of finding an entirely new location.

Leasing a salon suite offers a private, intimate experience for your client which is necessary for esthetician services.
An esthetician studio at Salon Republic Murrieta.

3. More flexibility in hours and schedule

Renting a salon suite allows you to adapt your work to your personal life. Some salons offer 24/7 access to your salon studio, so you can come in whenever you want. It also allows you to create a schedule that works best for you. If you don’t want to work certain days of the week or start before 10 am, you don’t have to!

4. Increased privacy and control

When you lease a salon suite, it comes with the ability to provide more privacy for you and your clients than a traditional salon or a booth rental setup. This lets you focus on your clients and give them uninterrupted one-on-one attention. 

Some rentals also give you more control over the customer experience, letting you set the overall ambiance of your space right down to the decor and the music you play in your studio. 

Some salons offer free education classes to further your techniques and career.
A blonding education class at Salon Republic Hollywood.

5. Access to shared amenities

Salon suites typically come with supportive amenities that help you elevate your client experience. For example, some salon suites for rent have a 24/7 security system for added safety. 

Salon suite rentals could also come with on-site laundry facilities or built-in payment platforms, saving you time and money that you can put back into building or nurturing your clientele. 

Some beauty salon suite rentals also include extended learning in the form of business classes and workshops so you can refine your skills and grow your brand. 

Lease a Salon Suite at Salon Republic

Ready to take the next step in your career? Our salon suite rentals provide a low-cost way to get your beauty business started. We offer studios in various sizes and prices that come with supportive amenities and experienced on-site salon managers to help with your daily needs. 

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