Everything You Need to Know about Esthetician Studio Rental Agreements

An esthetician studio rental offers a easier way to start your own business.
An Esthetician salon studio at Salon Republic in Sunnyvale, CA.

An esthetician studio rental agreement protects both the renter and the owner of the space, ensuring that all the details are covered — like that rent is paid on time and the upkeep of the rental is part of the lease. There are many important details in these agreements — we’ll walk you through what a typical one looks like and what to pay attention to in the documents!

What is an Esthetician Studio Rental Agreement & Why is it Important?

An esthetician studio rental agreement is a legally binding contract between the beauty professional (the renter) and the owner of the salon space (the landlord). Essentially, it’s a document that allows independent estheticians to provide services to their clients in the studio space in exchange for rent. 

The studio rental agreement is crucial because it protects both parties involved by laying out the terms and conditions upfront — covering things like the cost of rent, what’s included in the rental rate, and the lease length.

Sample Esthetician Studio Rental Agreement for Salon Owners and Estheticians

Each rental agreement will vary depending on the space. But a standard esthetician studio rental contract should include the following: 

  • Date of the agreement
  • Name and address of the salon + unit number you will be renting
  • First and last name of the owner/company (lessor)
  • First and last name of the renter/s (lessee/s)
  • Start and end date + total length of agreement
  • Rental rate
  • Rent due date and payment frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • Amount of security deposit (if included)
  • Penalties for late/insufficient payments
  • Details of the space, equipment, and other resources included in the rent
  • What the studio rental will be used for, and any restrictions
  • Terms of lease termination
  • Rules to adhere to during occupancy
  • Permits/licenses, tax, and insurance obligations
  • Signatures of both parties
  • Signed date of the rental agreement
An esthetician studio rental agreement will clarify what is included in the rental rate.
An esthetician salon studio at Salon Republic in Murrieta, CA.

Key Elements of a Studio Rental Agreement

Before signing a studio rental agreement form, there are a few things to consider in more detail. 


An esthetician studio rental contract should detail the total cost of the space as well as the frequency of payment due (if rent is weekly, monthly, etc.). It should also specify what’s included in the rent, like Wi-Fi, parking, utilities, amenities, and access to shared spaces in the building (think: laundry facilities or a reception area). The rental agreement should also state the penalties for late payment.

Duration of lease

The contract for an esthetician studio rental should spell out the start and end date of the lease. The agreement should also include the terms by which the renter or the owner can end the lease — calling out how much notice should be given and if there are any exceptions for ending the lease early.

License and insurance

A studio rental agreement for estheticians should also specify whether you need specific professional and business licenses. It should also state whether professional liability insurance is included or offered at a free or discounted rate — essential to protecting your career, finances, and reputation as a business.

Esthetician studio rentals allow you the freedom to run your own business.
An Esthetician salon studio at Salon Republic in Woodland Hills, CA.

What to Consider Before Signing a Studio Rental Agreement

There are a few things to consider before committing to a studio and signing a rental agreement form. Let’s go over the most important ones.


Your beauty salon suite rental should be in a location that’s easily accessible. Before signing a rental agreement, find out the parking situation and if the studio offers decent walkability. You’ll also want to ensure your target market or current clientele lives, works, and frequents the area.

Studio rentals in areas with other businesses that people frequent to run errands are also ideal (think: gyms, grocery stores, pharmacies, etc.). The layout and the location of the building are also important to consider. For example, salon suites with large windows and street visibility are great for attracting foot traffic, and salon spaces on the retail floor of an apartment are an easy way to have immediate access to clients. 


Supportive business amenities can really take an esthetician studio rental to the next level. Look at the extra perks the salon rental offers before signing an agreement to see if they can help elevate your business. For example, an on-site salon manager can take care of any maintenance issues you have throughout the day, as well as greet your clients when they walk in. Or perhaps you’d like free towel service included, so you don’t have to transport, wash, and dry your own towels daily.

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