Expert Tips From Andrew Does Hair

Andrew Does Hair joins Eric Taylor on The Hair Game Podcast.
Andrew Does Hair (left) with The Hair Game Podcast host Eric Taylor.

Eric Taylor, founder and owner of Salon Republic, interviews Andrew from Andrew Does Hair. Andrew shares his journey from a high school dropout to a renowned hair stylist. He started by cutting his own hair and his friends’ hair, which led him to cosmetology school. Despite his interest in men’s hair, he was advised to focus on women’s hair to earn more. However, he found his passion in men’s hair and started gaining recognition on Instagram for his unique approach to styling.

Andrew’s success on Instagram was accidental. He stood out because he focused on styling hair in a world where most were focusing on fades. He also started reading books by Seth Godin, Malcolm Gladwell, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Jim Collins to understand how he could replicate his success. Andrew cites Tab Salzman as a significant influence on his business approach. Salzman helped him think differently about his career and pricing. He also mentions Jody Taylor as an influence on his creativity and technical skill.

Andrew is excited about reducing his hours and raising his prices, allowing him to focus on the work he enjoys. He now works 10 to 16 hours a week, taking his time with each client. He is also excited about helping other hair stylists and barbers improve their grind to income ratio, helping them have their ideal career.

Andrew advises hair stylists and barbers to raise their prices when they are too busy and stressed. He suggests having a side barber to send clients to when they raise their prices. He also recommends having tiered services and having a high-priced item on the price list to make clients feel special. Andrew shares that he does three different kinds of haircuts: for paying clients, on stage when teaching, and for photo shoots. He knows a haircut is finished when it moves the way he wants it to. He also shares his advice on photography, emphasizing the importance of understanding different lighting conditions.

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