Enhancing Hair Styling Experiences through Retail

Selling retail products after a service can greatly increase your income.

Welcome to the world of passionate hair professionals who not only excel in styling hair but also take pride in providing their clients with the best products to maintain their looks. In this video, we explore the experiences and strategies of top-notch hair stylists in introducing and selling retail hair products to their clients. By understanding the importance of retailing during consultations, at the shampoo bowl, and before styling, these experts have forged strong relationships with their clients, boosting their income and cementing their reputation as trusted hair advisors.

The Profitable Nature of Retailing

Retailing can significantly boost a stylist’s income. The stylists interviewed in this article, like Michael, report monthly retail earnings ranging from $600 to $900. The average monthly retail sales for these professionals range from 60% to 65% of their overall income. Additionally, retail sales often extend beyond the initial appointment, as clients return to purchase products they previously declined.

Building Relationships through Genuine Consultations

For hair stylists like Michael New Years, Irena White Onions, and Sophia, the journey of retailing begins with a genuine consultation. They take the time to get to know their clients, their hair type, lifestyle, and daily routines. By establishing a personal connection, these professionals gain valuable insights into their clients’ needs, allowing them to recommend the most suitable styling products.

The Three-Step Approach to Introduce Retail

During the consultation process, the stylists introduce the concept of retailing to their clients at three crucial stages. First, they discuss hair types and the products that will work best for them. Next, at the shampoo bowl, they offer clients the chance to experience the products firsthand, igniting their senses and sparking interest. Finally, just before styling, the stylists demonstrate how to recreate the salon look at home, showcasing the products needed to achieve the desired results.

The Art of Not “Selling” Products

Interestingly, these skilled professionals do not view retailing as selling hair products but rather as an educational opportunity. By focusing on educating clients about the benefits of using styling products, the stylists empower their clients to make informed decisions about their hair care routine. This approach, adopted by Kristin, helps build trust and fosters a deeper connection between the stylist and the client.

Creating a Visual and Sensory Experience

Creating an inviting and interactive retail space is key to driving sales. Displaying products within easy reach and at eye level, like in a station product set up, encourages clients to explore the available options. Additionally, fun installations and visual elements, like mannequins, books, and social media displays, entice potential customers who may not be current clients to become interested in the products.

Maximizing Salon Space for Retail

Salon Republic, where Sophia practices her craft, provides an excellent retail space for stylists, allowing them to access products conveniently. Backed up by a display of retail items, Sophia ensures that her clients have access to the products they need, fostering a sense of loyalty and repeat business.

The Power of Building Client Trust

By recommending products that truly benefit their clients and helping them achieve desired results at home, the stylists strengthen the bond of trust with their clientele. This trust leads to clients willingly purchasing multiple products regularly, reaffirming the stylist’s expertise and ensuring clients look their best outside the salon.

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