Become Your Own Boss: The Benefits of a Stylist Studio Rental

A stylist studio rental gives you control of the decor and branding of your space.
A two-station studio at Salon Republic in Torrance, CA.

A growing trend in the beauty industry, stylist studio rentals offer hairstylists the freedom to start their own businesses without the cost and risk of opening a full-scale salon. But how do they differ from a booth rental or commission-based salon? And what’s the best way to find the most reliable stylist studio services on the market? We answer these questions and more, offering tips and tricks on how to rent a salon studio and become your own boss.

The Basics of Stylist Studio Rentals

Unlike renting a stylist chair or booth in an open environment salon, a stylist studio offers more privacy, freedom, and flexibility. But what exactly is it, and how is it different? 

For starters, a salon studio is a private suite available to rent within a larger community of hairstylists and other beauty professionals. It gives stylists the privacy and freedom to run their business however they wish. 

Typically, rent is paid weekly with the option to keep renewing after a one-year rental agreement is completed. On average, rent can range from $275-$550 a week, depending on location, size of the suite, and amenities.

The Benefits of Using Stylist Studio Rental Services

Not only do stylist studio rentals give beauty professionals their own personal space, but they also come with a wide array of benefits. Here are a few perks. 

More profit

One of the most significant advantages of moving to a stylist salon studio rental from a commission-based salon is being able to keep 100% of your service and retail income. Once you pay your rent and your business expenses, the rest is yours

You’ll also need significantly less start-up capital since your rent should cover the overhead expenses like utilities, maintenance, etc. Most salon studio rentals for hair stylists also come move-in ready with Wi-Fi for merchant processing and equipment like styling chairs and shampoo bowls. 

Freedom and flexibility

When you rent a stylist studio, you have the freedom to create your own hours, choose your own products, decide which services to provide, and how much you want to charge for your services. It’s your business, and you get to run it any way you want. 

You’ll also have complete creative control. From the paint on the walls to music, you get to decide the look and feel of your space. You also get to run your own promotions, choose how you market your business, and create the type of content that reflects your brand and particular techniques. 

Control over clientele

At a traditional salon, you’ll likely be taking on an established clientele. But at a beauty salon studio rental, you get to choose the clients you want and focus on your skills and specialties. 
For example, perhaps you’re an expert at balayage and are able to deliver results in half the time it takes other stylists. Having your own salon studio rental will let you market yourself to a clientele looking for efficiency. You can then adjust your prices accordingly to meet demand.

A stylist studio rental allows you to easily start your own business.
A custom-sized stylist studio rental at Salon Republic in Woodland Hills, CA.

How to Choose the Best Stylist Studio Rental Service for Your Needs

Ready to rent a stylist studio but don’t know where to start? Here are a few tips to help you find the best space and services for your needs. 

Research the location

Your stylist studio rental should be in a location that’s easy to get to and find, offering parking or walkability. It should also be in a place that your target market frequents,  near businesses where they run errands, like grocery stores and pharmacies. 

Once you’ve found a place you like, book a tour and visit the salon suite rental to see firsthand if it has everything you need. While you’re there, chat with the beauty professionals at the salon space to get an insider look into the community. 

You’ll also want to look at the competitors in the area and what services and prices they’re offering. That way, you can see if there’s space for you in the current market. 

Consider the size and layout 

In addition to the location, consider the size of your beauty salon studio. Will you be sharing the space with another hairstylist, and does the location charge extra to do that? How much space do you need to offer your services to your clients? 

You’ll also want an aesthetically pleasing and customizable space to showcase your brand style. For instance, high ceilings in a salon suite rental can add a luxurious feel, while stylish finishes provide a chic backdrop for clients to post on social media from your studio. 

The space should also be functional. Before committing to a lease, create a blueprint of how you’ll set things up to see if it will work for your day-to-day. 

Find the right amenities and support

Look at the supportive amenities the salon rental offers before signing an agreement to see if they can help elevate your business. For example, does it provide free on-site laundry facilities and towel service? Can you market your company on the main website? And do they offer different workshops and classes for you to continue to elevate your skillset? 

You’ll also want to see what’s included in your rent, like professional liability insurance, which is essential to protecting your career, finances, and business reputation.

Stylist Studio Rentals at Salon Republic

At Salon Republic, our stylist studios are more than just a studio for rent. They’re a place where like-minded independent beauty professionals can share their talents side-by-side, creating an environment full of inspiration where your business can thrive. 

We offer supportive amenities so you can focus on elevating your client’s experience, expanding your clientele, and building your brand.
Our studios come in various sizes — one station, two stations, three stations, and custom-sized — to fit your budget and business needs. Whether you’re coming by yourself or sharing with other beauty pros, we can help you find the right salon studio for you.

FAQs About Stylist Studio Rentals

Q: What is a stylist studio rental?

A: A salon studio is a private suite available to rent within a larger community of beauty professionals. 

Q: How much does it cost to rent a stylist studio?

A: Cost of rent depends on the location, size, and amenities of the salon suite. However, the average weekly rate for a suite in a mid-size city can range from $275-$550.

Q: What are the benefits of stylist studio rentals?

A:  Some benefits of renting a stylist studio include more profit and the flexibility to choose your hours, products, services, and clientele. 

Q: How do I choose the best stylist studio rental service?

A: When looking for a studio rental, consider the location, layout, and supportive amenities the space provides. 

Q: Do I need insurance to rent a stylist studio?

A: You will need professional and general liability insurance for your stylist studio. Having this in place will help protect your career, finances, and reputation. 

Q: What is the basic equipment that comes with a stylist studio rental?

A: Equipment at a stylist studio rental typically includes a styling chair, shampoo bowl, or pedestal sink.

Q: What is the length of a typical rental agreement for a stylist studio?

A: Most stylist studio rentals are a one-year rental agreement

Q: What happens if I need to cancel my stylist studio rental agreement?

A: Check your agreement for the specific requirements for your salon as each business is different.