Hand-Dipped Pink Hair Extensions with Amanda Lyberger and Dani Van Buren

Coloring hair extensions to match the natural hair can be a challenging process.
Amanda Lyberger (@thehairgodmotherr on IG) and Dani Van Buren (@danivanburenhair on IG) teamed up to color match a client’s old color to Bellami 22″ hair extensions.

We’re diving into an awesome hair collab with Amanda. We’re over at Salon Republic in Hollywood, ready to see some serious hair magic happen with pink hair extensions. Amanda’s got a special technique up her sleeve, and we’re about to get the front-row seat!

So, here’s the lowdown: Amanda’s all about matching color with these killer extensions. Imagine a cool ombre effect that’s gonna make heads turn. Those Bellamy 22-inch hand-tied lifts are gonna be her playground, and we’re in for a treat. Oh, and Danny’s right here too, getting in on the action and learning some new tricks. Teamwork makes the dream work, right?

Amanda spills the beans on her game plan. It’s all about lightening the hair to match those gorgeous extensions and then sprinkling some pink magic on it all. The goal? A smooth transition from pink to natural. It’s like an artist’s canvas, and we’re about to witness some serious color play.

As Amanda gets down to business, we’re soaking in all the action. The process is all about careful coloring, and Amanda’s making it look like an art form. Donovan’s on the ball with questions, like how Amanda’s gonna blend everything to perfection. She’s got it all mapped out, from applying the color to nailing that seamless blend.

In between the vibrant transformations, we dive into the world of hairstylist collaborations. Amanda’s a pro at this, and she spills the beans on how to make it work. Communication is key, and picking a collaborator who vibes with your style is the secret sauce. Oh, and being open to new ideas—trust us, it’s a game-changer.

Back to the main event, Amanda’s doling out advice on consultations. Think face-to-face chats, getting a feel for the hair, and setting realistic expectations. It’s all about that personal touch, and we’re loving the insight.

The highlight? The big reveal of the transformations. Amanda and Dani’s magic has worked wonders, and the final looks are jaw-dropping. It’s a blend of color, extensions, and cutting skills that are pure genius. With the transformations complete, the video wraps up, but not without a shoutout to connect with these two pros for appointments and all your hair needs.

The video’s a rollercoaster of creativity, learning, and transformations. Amanda and Danny’s tag team showcases the power of collaboration and the awe-inspiring transformations that happen when hair artists bring their A-game. So, buckle up, enjoy the ride, and remember—you’ve got the power to transform your hair dreams into reality!

Click here to watch: https://youtu.be/1FLWH5TnEhE