Finding Hair Clients – With Nina Kovner

We ask Nina Kovner how to find hair clients in the digital landscape.
The Hair Game Podcast host Eric Taylor with Nina Kovner.

In this conversation between Eric Taylor and Nina Kovner from Passion Squared, they discuss Nina’s journey in the beauty industry, her transition from a hairdresser to a business-focused role, and the key elements of building a successful salon business in the modern digital age.

Nina Kovner, the CEO and founder of Passion Squared, shares her story of starting in the beauty industry in the 80s after overcoming pressures to pursue traditional college education. She reflects on her journey, which led her from being a hairstylist and educator to focusing on the business side of the industry, working with distributors, marketing, and events.

Nina delves into her passion for business, especially in the digital and social media realm. She emphasizes the significance of small businesses understanding the value of online presence and how it can benefit them. Despite initial skepticism from others, she recognized the potential early on and started Passion Squared in 2012. The company focuses on coaching, education, and workshops to empower beauty professionals in their digital journey.

Nina introduces the “Awesome Client Journey,” a concept she developed based on the insights of Brian Solis, a digital anthropologist. This journey consists of four stages: intent, discovery, inspiration, and action. She highlights the importance of being discoverable online for potential clients, creating an inspired moment of truth that encourages them to take action, such as making an appointment or subscribing.

Eric Taylor and Nina also discuss the current landscape of the beauty industry, particularly in relation to client experiences. Nina points out that, in the age of social media, some businesses are overly focused on online presence while neglecting the offline client experience. She stresses the importance of listening to clients and responding to their needs, as well as providing a consistent and enjoyable experience in-salon.

Nina emphasizes that businesses should focus on both online and offline experiences, reverse-engineering the client journey to identify pain points and address them. She highlights the significance of post-experience follow-up, client retention, and knowing your business’s metrics to build a loyal clientele.

Throughout the conversation, Nina Kovner provides valuable insights into the importance of combining online and offline experiences to create a successful and thriving salon business. Her perspective highlights the necessity of staying connected to clients and ensuring their needs are met at every step of the client journey.

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