Empowering Hairstylists Everywhere: The Rise of Salon Suite Rentals

A stylist suite rental provides a private space with less upfront costs than a storefront salon.
A two-station hairstylist salon suite rental at Salon Republic in Beverly Hills, CA.

It’s a hairstylist’s dream to have your own salon, set your own work hours, set your own prices, etc. Hairstylists now have an opportunity to run their own businesses without the high costs of a storefront. Stylist salon suite rentals provide space for beauty professionals to operate their business independently. These salon suites are low-cost luxurious environments for you and your clients. Supportive services are often conveniently provided to assist you in running your business — complete with  the amenities necessary for successful operations. This can even include marketing and on-going education classes.

With so many benefits, you’ll want to find and secure the perfect hairstylist suite space to start bringing clients in. But first, look at how a stylist suite rental can empower you and give you the tools you need to succeed while doing what you do best.

What are the Benefits of Renting a Hairstylist Suite?

Renting your own stylist suite provides you the freedom to run your business on your own schedule and based on the needs of your clients. Early mornings, afternoons, evenings, and even late-night appointments can be scheduled. You’re in charge — it’s your business to work independently with supportive amenities helping you along the way. The potential cost savings of renting a stylist suite versus the start-up costs of a storefront salon are significant.

Hairstylist Suite Rental Costs: What You Need to Know

The cost of your suite rental will vary depending on the location and size of your salon space. Rental costs can be divided if you share the space with one or more other hairstylists, making your expenses even less. You should also consider what additional costs and amenities are included in your rental rate, i.e. utilities, professional liability insurance, towel service, etc.

Finding and Securing the Perfect Hairstylist Suite

As with all businesses, location is an important factor. The salon environment must fit your brand style. Does the suite rental have a luxurious feel to it? Is the color and lighting adequate? Does the location have plenty of parking available for your clients? Is the rental price right? Finally, is the salon suite in a community where you can continue to grow your business? 

Choose a location that allows the focus to be on clientele. Having other retail stores and restaurants close by can enhance the client’s overall experience and improve the ambiance. Having a salon suite in the perfect location simplifies operations and has the potential to attract and retain clients. 

A hairstylist suite rental comes with supportive amenities to help you succeed.
A one-station hairstylist suite rental at Salon Republic in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Starting Your Business in a Stylist Suite Rental

Since you will be running your own business within the salon suite, here are four important things you’ll want to think through if you are a new entrepreneur.

  1. Choose the Right Classification for Your Business 

Are you going to be the sole owner of your business, is it going to be a partnership, or are you going to be a legal entity with shareholders? Typically, there are four main types of businesses: Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies (LLC), and Corporations. Each one has important differences that affect your liability and tax responsibilities.

  1. Have a Thorough Rental Agreement

A rental agreement is a legally binding contract between the hairstylist (the renter) and the owner of the salon space (the landlord). The studio rental agreement is crucial because it protects both parties involved by laying out the terms and conditions upfront — covering things like the cost of rent, what’s included in the rental rate, and the lease length.

  1. Sharing Your Studio

Decide if you are going to share your studio or rent your space on the days you won’t be using it.  

  1. Licenses & Insurance

You will need certain licenses to operate your business and perform services in a suite rental. In addition, professional and general liability insurance is strongly recommended and sometimes required by the owner of the salon space.  

Stylist Suite Rental at Salon Republic

At Salon Republic, our stylist studios are more than just a studio for rent. They’re a place where like-minded independent beauty professionals can share their talents side-by-side, creating an environment full of inspiration where your business can thrive. 

We offer supportive amenities so you can focus on elevating your client’s experience, expanding your clientele, and building your brand. Our studios come in various sizes — one station, two stations, three stations, and custom-sized — to fit your budget and business needs. Whether you’re coming by yourself or sharing with other beauty pros, we can help you find the right salon studio for you.