How Does Microblading Work? w/ @vcfacebeauty

Microblading is a procedure to enhance the look of a client's eyebrows.
Vanessa Ceballos shows how microblading is used to create a fuller looking eyebrow.

This video features Vanessa Ceballos @vcfacebeauty. Vanessa introduces the video and her subject, Rebekah, who is about to undergo a microblading procedure. How does microblading work? We find out here!

Vanessa begins by addressing Rebekah’s numbing cream, indicating the upcoming steps of shaping her eyebrows and applying an additional numbing cream for comfort during the procedure. She adds a lighthearted remark about changing Rebekah’s life through the process.

Vanessa demonstrates measuring Rebekah’s eyebrows for symmetry, using a piece of string with added color for visual clarity. This pre-measurement step provides a guide for where to start and end the microblading process and where the brow should arch.

Vanessa meticulously examines Rebekah’s brows to identify starting points and arches. She acknowledges a minor mistake and corrects it, emphasizing the importance of symmetry.

To address Rebekah’s preferences, Vanessa custom blends a color, taking care to choose a shade that isn’t too dark or too light. She demonstrates mixing two colors and applies a sample to Rebekah’s skin to gauge her approval.

Vanessa applies a liquid numbing cream after shaping Rebekah’s brows, enhancing numbing effectiveness. With the microblade ready, Vanessa commences the microblading process.

The video captures Vanessa’s skillful microblading technique, portraying the process of creating precise strokes for natural-looking eyebrows. Vanessa comments on using her fingers to push the ink into the skin, noting the improvement in ink retention.

Upon completing the essential microblading, Vanessa adds a warm modifier to prevent the ink from turning ashy. She explains the purpose of the modifier and lets it sit momentarily before revealing the final result.

Vanessa showcases the impressive transformation, emphasizing how rewarding microblading can be. She cleanses and sanitizes the area, offering aftercare instructions. She advises against wetting the eyebrows for seven to ten days and abstaining from exercise to avoid ink displacement. Vanessa also recommends using Aquaphor for post-shower care and provides detailed instructions.

As the video concludes, Vanessa expresses gratitude for viewers joining them to learn about how microblading works and encourages questions via their Instagram page or phone number.

In summary, Vanessa Servantes’ video provides an informative and in-depth look at the microblading process. From initial preparation to aftercare instructions, the video offers a comprehensive understanding of the procedure’s nuances and intricacies, showcasing Vanessa’s expertise and dedication to her craft.

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