Wild Wig Styles with Wig Master Zach Kilian

Zach Kilian's wild wig styles are showcased by celebrities and artists worldwide.
Wig Master Zach Kilian gives us an inside look at his process for creating wild wig styles.

This video features an interview with Zack Killian, a wig master, who creates various styles of wigs. Donovan and Zack engage in a playful interview discussing Zack’s expertise in wig-making. They mention a previous interview and skit involving Zack on the channel. The discussion includes Zack’s skills, his willingness to demonstrate his techniques, and his readiness to teach Donovan how to create a wig.

Zack explains his process for his wild wig styles, particularly focusing on creating waves in synthetic hair. He discusses how he begins by sectioning the hair and ensuring it’s going in the same direction. Zack lightly backcombs the base and smooths the front section. He then uses Got2b hairspray to set the style and applies medium heat from a blow-dryer to create the initial wave.

Zack demonstrates the process on a mannequin head, explaining how he molds and shapes the hair using hairspray and heat. He emphasizes the importance of refining the waves until the desired polish is achieved. Donovan takes the opportunity to try creating a wave, with Zack offering guidance and assistance.

Zack and Donovan chat about Zack’s journey to becoming a wig master, acknowledging that he’s still learning and experimenting. They playfully liken the process to Bob Ross’s painting techniques. Zack provides insight into creating definition and drama in the style, particularly in the front of the hair.

Donovan attempts to create a wave under Zack’s guidance, admitting that it’s not as easy as Zack made it seem. After Donovan’s attempt, Zack steps in to fix and perfect the wave, showcasing his expertise.

Throughout the interview, Zack shares his Instagram handle for those interested in reaching out and learning more about his work and techniques.

The video showcases Zack’s skill in creating wild wig styles, his willingness to share knowledge, and Donovan’s light-hearted attempts to replicate his techniques. The discussion highlights the artistry and creativity involved in wig styling.

Click here to watch: https://youtu.be/W-m1g6SOv-8