Hair Color Correction & Cutting with Dani Tygr & Kandee Johnson

This video showcases the expertise of Dani Tygr as a hairstylist, highlighting her approach to hair color correction and cutting. It also emphasizes the importance of customization and tailoring techniques to each client’s hair type and desired style.

Candy explains her admiration for Dani’s work and her desire to try a shorter style. They reminisce about previous discussions regarding hair, including the possibility of shaving her head. Candy’s previous visit to Dani involved leaving some length in case she decided to get extensions again. However, they ended up going shorter instead, showcasing Dani’s adaptability and customization. Candy expresses trust in Dani’s skills and vision. The video then transitions into the actual transformation process.

Dani starts by discussing the importance of hair color correction. Candy’s hair had grown out with a dark regrowth and faded color on the ends. Dani mentions the challenges of managing compromised hair and the need to balance color while minimizing damage. They proceed with a color correction process to lift the dark color and restore the hair’s health.

As the color correction takes place, Dani focuses on addressing the damaged hair and bringing back vitality. After color correcting, they focus on the cut. Dani explains her approach to layering and customizing the haircut for Candy’s hair type and desired volume. The goal is to achieve a textured, voluminous look.

The haircut involves adjusting the length and creating layers. Dani demonstrates her technique, discussing the dry cutting method she uses to create texture and movement. She showcases the transition from color correction to cut, focusing on creating a balanced and voluminous appearance.

As the haircut progresses, Dani demonstrates the importance of leaving the hair slightly longer in specific areas to enhance volume. She emphasizes that customization and attention to each client’s hair type are key to achieving the desired results.

The video concludes with the finished look—a stylish and voluminous haircut complemented by Candy’s newly refreshed color. Dani and Candy share their appreciation for the transformation and encourage viewers to follow them on Instagram and YouTube for more content.

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