Katie Masters on Jade Marble Nail Design

Katie Masters, the owner of “Nail Thoughts” nail salon located at Salon Republic Santa Monica, demonstrates the process of creating turquoise marble nails. The video starts with Katie preparing the client’s nails for the jade marble nail design by pushing back cuticles and removing dead skin. She emphasizes the importance of shaping the nails from the client’s perspective to ensure evenness and symmetry.

Katie begins the color process by selecting various shades of green, white, and gold for the marble design. She applies a sheer green base and proceeds to layer opaque green shades on top of it, creating a wet gel mixture to achieve a whimsical effect. Using a minimal amount of gel on her brush, she blends the colors to avoid overthinking and maintain a natural, non-geometric appearance.

After applying the color mix, Katie cures the gel and adds accent white lines using a small striper brush. She emphasizes the importance of creating unique and squiggly lines on each finger to achieve a more organic look. Before curing the white lines, she gently brushes them downward to blur and soften their appearance.

To further soften the jade marble nail design, Katie applies a sheer white layer over the entire nail. This step helps blend the colors and adds depth to the design. She cures the sheer white layer and then outlines the nails with a metallic gold gel, creating a framing effect.

The video concludes with a look at the finished nails—a vibrant turquoise marble design with soft lines and a touch of gold accents. Katie encourages viewers to connect with her on Instagram at @nailthoughts for questions or comments.

The video showcases Katie’s expertise in nail art, focusing on creating a marbled design using various colors and techniques. It underscores the importance of embracing imperfection and spontaneity in nail art to achieve a more natural and artistic appearance.

Click here to watch: https://youtu.be/HmEBBhzKUJY