Hairdressing in the New Generation w/ Michael Cole

Join our host Eric Taylor as he delves into the dynamic changes to hairdressing in the new generation with Michael Cole, a trailblazer in the field, and gain valuable insights from his journey and experiences.



Adapting to the New Normal

Michael Cole shares his journey of transitioning to virtual work since January 2020 and how it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. He addresses the challenges and reluctance to travel by airplane during the current situation, leading to his decision to retire from physical work commitments for virtual opportunities.

Evolution of Hairdressing Industry

Michael Cole reminisces about his start in the mid-80s and partnership with L’Oreal in the mid-’90s. He emphasizes the value of learning from past experiences to better serve the industry, highlighting the shift from personal to professional service in hairdressing.

Rise of the New Generation

The new generation of cosmetology students is highly skilled in branding and content creation, often building their brand on platforms like Instagram before joining cosmetology school. They utilize online resources to achieve financial success and bypass traditional school booking systems for more efficient self-management.

Social Media and Success

There’s a noticeable shift from traditional to digital success with social media platforms like Instagram, empowering hairdressers through digital support and education. The focus is now on creating a strong brand platform and a strategic approach to content for success in the industry.

Virtual Consultations and Safety

Virtual consultations in the hairdressing industry promote safety and comfort for both clients and stylists, addressing anxiety and vulnerability while ensuring a sense of safety and ease. Clients are embracing virtual consultations to avoid the stress of in-person interactions.

Managing Pre-Appointment Anxiety

We explore the emotional and professional aspects of the consultation process and the benefits of online engagement before in-person meetings. Hairdressers share their experiences and apprehensions with new clients in the digital culture, highlighting the importance of self-vetting and managing worries for a better life.

Financial Management and Professional Boundaries

Michael Cole emphasizes the need for hairdressers to monitor expenses, increase revenue, and determine price adjustments based on readiness and willingness. He also highlights the significance of maintaining professional boundaries with clients to avoid conflicts and maintain professionalism in salon relationships.

Diverse Business Modalities

The importance of embracing different business modalities in the hairdressing industry without the ‘either or’ mentality and emotional charge. Michael Cole remains committed to helping people build their business, regardless of their chosen modality, encouraging strong financial management for long-term success.

Emotional Control and Objective Decision-Making

We delve into the significance of managing emotions through thoughtful decision-making in the hairdressing industry. Michael Cole shares personal anecdotes and insights on emotional control, financial security, and the space between stimulus and response for personal and professional growth.

Michael Cole’s journey and wisdom shed light on the ever-evolving landscape of the hairdressing industry, emphasizing the need for adaptability, embracing digital platforms, and maintaining professionalism. The insights shared serve as invaluable takeaways for aspiring hairdressers and seasoned professionals alike.