How ‘Project’ Clients Can Fill Your Appointment Book Quickly w/ Nicki Bianco

Nicki Bianco shares how she fills her appointment books quickly with project clients.

Join Nicki Bianco @nickiwildflower on an inspiring journey from rebellious high schooler to successful hairdresser, as she shares her secrets how to fill your appointment book quickly and increase your income.



Overcoming Challenges in Cosmetology School

Starting in 11th grade, Nicki chose cosmetology school over regular high school. She saw the need to work faster and increase her income by managing appointment times. Despite struggles with a rebellious nature and undiagnosed ADHD, Nicki pursued cosmetology school and graduated, acknowledging that success is not solely determined by good grades.

Transitioning and Starting Anew in New York

Nicki’s journey led her to New York, where she bounced to different places after a breakup. Despite facing challenges, she secured an apprenticeship at Maximus salon on Long Island through a friend, setting the stage for her transition from a marketing job to hair styling.

Building a Thriving Business from Scratch

Starting with nothing, Nicki impulsively jumped into entrepreneurship. Leveraging social media on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, she focused on consistent posting and referrals to expand her clientele, demonstrating the power of utilizing digital tools for client acquisition.

Navigating Boundaries and Pricing Struggles

Despite the thrill of taking risks and achieving career milestones, Nicki struggled with setting boundaries and pricing her services. Building her content around valuing experience and knowledge over time efficiency, she provided business analysis and coaching for hair stylists, emphasizing the importance of effective communication and mindset shifts for business success.

The Importance of Research and Testing for Success

Through Nicki’s experiences, she emphasizes the value of investing time in researching and testing different options for business operations. By highlighting the need to put effort into one’s business and not taking shortcuts, she outlines the challenges she faced and the necessity for industry support and positivity, advocating for kindness and understanding among professionals.

In a world where success is not solely determined by traditional academic achievements, Nicki’s journey from rebellious high schooler to successful entrepreneur highlights the importance of finding value in one’s work, the power of effective communication, navigating boundaries, and the need for industry support. Investing time in research, testing, and embracing different business models are key takeaways for thriving in the hairdressing industry.