Why You Need to ‘Go Fail’ w/ Travis Parker

We explore the importance of preparation in seizing life's opportunities and why you need to 'go fail' with Travis Parker.

Ever wondered what sets successful individuals apart? We explore the importance of preparation in seizing life’s opportunities and why you need to ‘go fail’ with Travis Parker.



Lessons Learned in Preparation and Growth

Uncover valuable insights from real-world examples, like the journey of developing certification methodology and content for videos. Explore the importance of avoiding trend-based content for sustainable success, and how embracing discomfort fuels personal growth and learning.

The Power of Structured Education in Hairdressing

Delve into Travis Parker’s approach to hairdressing education, offering a blend of in-person and online courses. Understand the methodology behind ‘The Cutting Edge’ membership, tailored for consistent training and staying ahead in the industry.

Becoming an Effective Educator

Learn the attributes of a good educator, focusing on clear communication and student-centric teaching. Discover the evolution from self-centered teaching to prioritizing student experience, and how continuous learning shapes empathetic educators.

Embracing Technological Evolution in the Hair Industry

Explore the challenges and benefits of adopting technology in the hair industry, from augmented reality to social platforms. Uncover the importance of consistency in messaging and defining expertise, vital for both seasoned professionals and newcomers.


Success is not a stroke of luck but the result of thorough preparation and continuous learning. By embracing discomfort, structuring education, and adapting to technological advancements, individuals can seize opportunities and achieve growth in their respective fields.