Where the Vivid Hair Movement is Headed w/ Jessica Powers

We chat with Jessica Powers, a trailblazing hairdresser and salon owner who has spearheaded the vibrant and electrifying trends in the world of vivid hair.

Join us as we chat with Jessica Powers, a trailblazing hairdresser and salon owner who has spearheaded the vibrant and electrifying trends in the world of vivid hair.



A Passionate Pursuit: Jessica’s Unconventional Path

Starting her journey in beauty school during high school, Jessica graduated in 2007 and embarked on a courageous endeavor, defying traditional education paths to pursue her love for hair, makeup, and fashion. Her pursuit led her to a transition into the hair industry and education landscape in 2014, amidst limited access to resources.

Overcoming Challenges: The Commission Dilemma

Jessica’s move to Utah presented challenges as she navigated the transition to a commission-based salon, initially facing financial strains at Ulta. However, her bold decision to invest in a booth rental salon, coupled with strategic promotion and referral programs, laid the foundation for her success in building a loyal clientele.

Revolutionizing Education and Salon Culture

Recognizing the need for advanced education and modern trends in the industry, Jessica revamped her salon into an education hub, embracing vibrant color trends and innovative styles. The bold transformation from a traditional salon to a storefront location was a calculated risk that paid off, marking five years of triumphant success.

The Journey to Vivid Hair Artistry

Embarking on a journey from a blonde specialist to a vivid hair artist, Jessica’s transition involved embracing the expressive art on hair while balancing the stable income from traditional salon services. Venturing into vivid hair styling, characterized by technical expertise and stamina, her mastery with Pulp Riot has contributed to shaping the evolving hair trends.

Collaborative Innovations and Growth

In the ever-evolving landscape of hair trends, the growth in collaboration between cosmetologists and barbers has led to a surge in vibrant color trends and creative designs. Collaborations with experienced professionals have proven to be a cost-effective pathway for learning and industry insights, underlining the importance of embracing change and collaboration.

Unveiling the Essence of Creativity

Amidst the creative fervor, Jessica reflects on the motivation behind attending industry events, delves into advanced photography techniques, and explores imaginative collaborations. While also sharing personal experiences and embracing hair horror stories, capturing the essence of creativity and passion within the industry.


Jessica Powers shows the transformative power of steadfast determination, bold decisions, and embracing creativity. Her story encourages everyone to embrace change, foster collaborative growth, and turn challenges into opportunities for unparalleled success.