Do I Need to Know the Science of Hair Color? w/ Julie Kleine

Join Julie as shares some of the science of hair color, as well as her journey into the vibrant world of hairdressing.

Join Julie as shares some of the science of hair color, as well as her journey into the vibrant world of hairdressing.



Personal Background and Transition to Ministry

Julie shares her roots in New Jersey and the shift from fashion and music business to ministry. Motivated by personal challenges, she delved into helping kids, leading to an eight-year stint in ministry before a significant change.

Becoming a Hairdresser Out of Necessity

At 38, Julie embraced a new path as a hairdresser, initially challenged by the apprenticeship’s rigor. However, the transition revealed a hidden talent and passion. Despite lower pay, the opportunity to learn and be mentored by supportive salon peers proved invaluable.

Navigating the Salon World

The journey continued with struggles in finding the right salon fit but blossomed into enduring relationships with colleagues. Collaboration, education, and brand-agnostic approaches emerged as pillars, enhancing both client experiences and stylist expertise.

Embracing Education and Uncertainty

As Julie evolved, she emphasized the importance of education for consistent color outcomes. Addressing anxiety and product confusion in the beauty industry, she highlighted the need for mastering formulations, bond builders, and chemical properties for creative freedom and client satisfaction.

Exploring Art and Science in Hair Coloring

The fusion of artistry and scientific understanding in hair coloring emerged as a central theme, emphasizing the balance between color theory and chemical composition. Educating stylists on color removal, product choices, and the significance of chelating treatments showcased the industry’s intricate blend of creativity and chemistry.

Navigating Controversies and Educational Engagement

In a world of social media challenges, Julie shared her approach of private education over public scrutiny. Emphasizing the importance of addressing roots causes and continual learning, she advocates for engaging with knowledgeable peers for growth and improvement.


Embark on a transformative journey with ‘Colors with Chemistry’, where expertise meets passion, and art merges with science. Learn, evolve, and connect with a visionary like Julie for a vibrant world of hairdressing.