The 4 ‘Soft’ Skills That Make You a Better Hairdresser

Matt and Jen Martinelli of Canvas Me share how 'soft' skills can elevate your career.

In the competitive world of hairdressing, it’s not just about cutting and styling—it’s about mastering the ‘soft’ skills that set you apart. Matt and Jen Martinelli of Canvas Me dive into how qualities like communication, emotional intelligence, and growth mindset can elevate your career.



Building a Marketable Portfolio

Canvas Me provides a digital showcase for beauty professionals, enabling them to curate portfolios that speak volumes beyond just images. By creating a searchable portfolio, artists can attract opportunities aligned with their aspirations and values. For instance, showcasing your certifications and career goals can catch the eye of prospective employers looking for specific skill sets.

Humanizing Connections Through Video

Soft skills go beyond what’s on paper or screen. Brands seek professionals who can communicate effectively and engage authentically. Through videos, stylists can exhibit their personality, work ethic, and passion. This human touch not only bridges the gap between artist and employer but also enhances trust and connection in a digital landscape.

Empowering Schools and Future Professionals

Schools play a vital role in grooming the next generation of beauty professionals. By integrating portfolio-building into curriculums and leveraging platforms like Canvas Me, students can kickstart their careers with a strong digital presence. This empowerment not only benefits individuals but also strengthens the beauty industry as a whole.

Nurturing Soft Skills for Success

Embracing soft skills like communication, emotional intelligence, and growth mindset is a non-negotiable in the hairdressing realm. These qualities not only drive personal growth but also contribute to a thriving professional journey. Remember, it’s not just about the haircut, but the connection you forge with clients and colleagues.

Embracing Growth Mindset in Industry Evolution

The beauty industry is ever-evolving, demanding continuous learning and adaptability. By cultivating a growth mindset and staying abreast of industry trends, hairdressers can position themselves for long-term success. Soft skills like effective communication and teamwork are the pillars that support this journey of growth and evolution.


As you navigate the vibrant world of hairdressing, remember that your success hinges not just on your technical prowess but on the softer, intangible skills that leave a lasting impression. Embrace growth, nurture connections, and let your authentic self shine through every snip and style.