How a Hair Product for Herself Became Her Business

Shalita Grant shares how she developed a hair product that became her very own business.

Join Shalita Grant as she shares her journey towards embracing her natural hair, and how she developed a hair product that became her very own business.



Discovering the Secret

Shalita experimented with a myriad of hair treatments until she stumbled upon the key to embracing her natural hair. This pivotal moment marked a significant shift in her perception of beauty and self-acceptance. No longer relying on wigs, she found the freedom to authentically portray characters in her acting roles, leading to a profound personal and professional transformation.

Transitioning for Art

Transitioning her hair for acting roles not only enhanced her professional experiences but also empowered her to fully express herself. She made the bold decision to embrace her natural hair, foregoing the conventional practice of straightening her hair for roles. This courageous move allowed her to pave the way for a more inclusive and diverse representation in the entertainment industry.

Pioneering the Hair Spa

Shalita’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish a Hair Spa, and she demonstrated resilience by pivoting her business strategy during the pandemic. Collaborating with a cosmetic chemist, she meticulously refined the henna formulation and patenting process. Her dedication to educating consumers about post-treatment hair care and enhancing the salon experience for individuals with textured hair marks a pioneering effort in the industry.

The Power of Henna

The henna mud mask, a breakthrough innovation in hair treatment, offers transformative benefits without compromising hair health. It not only deepens hair color naturally but also contributes to thicker and more substantial hair strands. Additionally, Shalita’s commitment to delivering valuable information and products has enabled salons to handle challenging hair services effectively while fostering enduring B2B relationships.

Resilience Beyond Hustle Culture

Shalita’s journey reflects a poignant rejection of hustle culture, driven by her firsthand experiences and observations of adults succumbing to societal pressures. She chose to prioritize personal and professional value over the relentless pursuit of success, emphasizing sustainable and authentic business practices that resonate with her core beliefs.

Navigating Adversity and Growth

In the face of adversity, Shalita champions resilience and adaptability. Despite encountering setbacks, such as delayed product shipments and vendor issues, she exemplifies fortitude by seeking practical solutions and proactively addressing challenges. Her unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and integrity has cemented strong relationships built on trust and reliability.


Shalita’s journey is an inspiring testament to the power of self-acceptance, resilience, and authenticity. Her unwavering commitment to delivering genuine value and fostering enduring connections serves as a compelling model for sustainable business success and personal growth.