Why Salon Studio Rental Is the Future of the Beauty Industry

A salon studio rental can help you achieve your dream of building your own business.
A three-station studio at Salon Republic in Santa Monica, CA.

Imagine being able to be your own boss with the freedom to control your prices, services and work schedule. In the beauty industry, this has long been a rarity — until now. 

Salon studio rentals are a way to offer creative beauty professionals empowerment toward achieving their dream of building their own business. They provide spaces for beauty industry professionals to operate independently and equip them with the tools to experience success. 

Until now, beauty professionals have had to build their brands from the ground up without much community support. But through salon studio rentals, a salon business has a clear path to success. Renting a salon space takes away the complexity of starting a business and makes it more attainable. Here’s why salon studio rentals are the future of the beauty industry.

What is a Salon Studio Rental?

A salon studio is a salon space inside a larger salon or development that allows independent hair stylists, nail techs, estheticians, barbers, and other beauty professionals to operate their own independent salons. Prices for renting a space depend on the location and the size of the area. For those just starting out, this option provides many amenities that make the path to success simplified. 

A salon is a place of business that provides a range of beauty services. Salons often have larger spaces with many more beauty professionals and services, as opposed to a studio which is a more personalized business space inside of a bigger building establishment that is usually rented or leased by individual beauty professionals. 

The Benefits of Renting a Salon Studio for Your Beauty Business

There are so many perks that come with renting a salon studio. As the business owner, you are the one who oversees the operations. In other words, you get to make the choices you want and put everything in place so that it functions smoothly. 

Another advantage of renting a salon studio is that it is a more affordable and cost-effective way to have your own “store front.” Renting allows you to only be responsible for a fixed set of expenses. You also have the ability to customize your salon space and be flexible to meet your needs and the needs of your clients. If any changes must be made, you have the freedom to do so. 

Renting a salon studio also gives you the opportunity to let your creative juices flow. You can design your space in any way you want to make it more personal, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing to you, and your clients. Having a workspace with the right ambiance and décor will encourage you to unleash your creativity and embody your passion and connection to your work — especially as someone who works in the beauty industry. Your business can be personalized to fit your goals and values while providing an enjoyable experience for your clients. 

A salon studio rental is more affordable and cost-effective than a full storefront.
A two-station studio at Salon Republic in Santa Monica, CA.

Guidelines for Choosing the Right Salon Studio

Before you decide to rent a salon studio, there are several things to consider first. You should have a general understanding of the basics before you rent a studio.


Your salon studio is more likely to attract potential clients in a safe, convenient area. Take into consideration aspects of location such as easy accessibility, parking, and proximity to other companies that may attract customers and clients. The overall success of your salon can be highly affected by your location choice and its environment. 

Lease Agreement

Go over the lease agreement carefully to understand the terms and conditions concerning the lease’s duration, renewal options, any restrictions, and the process for discontinuing the lease. All relevant costs should be included in the lease agreement. 

Price of Rent

Rent is a necessary part of the process, and there are a few things to take into consideration. The rental rate will be included in the lease agreement. Set a budget for yourself and make sure you are able to afford the rent. Aside from the base rent, take into account any other expenses or charges related to the rental. Not all salon studio rental companies are the same. Be sure to inquire about what costs and/or amenities are included in the rental rate. 

Costs of Services

Consider the costs involved with managing your business and renting the studio when determining what to charge for your services. Make an estimate of your running expenses, taking into account costs for rent, tools and supplies, insurance, marketing and promotions, and other costs. Knowing what you’re paying can help you to calculate the lowest price you can offer while still making a good profit.

Tools and Supplies

Take note of the equipment and materials you currently have to run your salon. Figure out the necessary tools, decor, furniture, and other supplies that you’ll need to make things run successfully on a daily basis. Check to see if the salon studio has the facilities and amenities needed to support your tools and supplies. Additionally, consider things like electrical outlets, plumbing and storage space.

Amenities and Facilities

Determine what the studio already includes in terms of amenities and facilities. Supportive business amenities can make a big difference in a salon studio rental. Extra perks offered by the company can help elevate your business. For example, an on-site salon manager can take care of any facility issues,, as well as greet your clients when they walk in. Or perhaps you’d like free towel service included, so you don’t have to transport, wash, and dry your own towels daily.

Seize Your Success with a Salon Studio Rental

Take your dreams to the next level with your own salon studio rental. These low-cost, convenient options provide beauty professionals with the tools to thrive and bring their passions to life. 
Salon Republic provides more than just a space to rent. We provide an atmosphere of creativity and inspiration to elevate your experience — and your client’s. We provide support so you can do what you do best and bring out the beauty in others. We offer a variety of salon sizes and styles, so let us help you find the perfect salon studio for your budget and business needs. Rethink your work environment, and we’ll help you build a one-of-a-kind experience together.

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