Get the Edge in Barbering with a Barber Studio Rental

A barber studio rental offers more freedom and flexibility than working in a barbershop.
A two-station barber studio at Salon Republic in Torrance, CA.

Are you looking to expand your skills as a barber and branch out on your own? Barber studio rentals offer a smart way to break away from the norm and create your ideal business as an independent barber. They’re lower risk and cost than opening a storefront barbershop but offer more freedom and flexibility than a barber booth rental. 

Want to learn more? We’ve put together an ultimate guide to barber studio rentals so you can get the edge in the barbering industry. 

What is a Barber Studio Rental?

Unlike renting a chair in a barbershop, a barber studio rental gives you a private studio to run your own business. It’s essentially one barbershop within a greater collective of independent barbers, hairstylists, makeup artists, and other beauty professionals. 

You lease the space from the property owner, and in return, you get your own private studio to run your barber business any way you see fit — all within a supportive and like-minded community

Benefits of Renting a Barber Studio

Higher Earning Potential

At a commission-based barbershop, a percentage of your earnings goes to the owner. It doesn’t matter how many clients you bring in; part of your profit will always go to the shop owner. 

But when you’re the boss of your own barber studio, you get to keep 100% of your service income and retail sales. Outside of rent and business expenses, the rest is yours

Suite rentals are also an innovative and cost-effective way to own your own barbershop without the overhead of owning an entire building. 

Creative Freedom 

Since you’re the boss, you get to decide the look and feel of the space, catering it toward your brand voice and vibe. 

You also have complete creative control over what type of client you target, what services you offer, and what products you carry. You decided your business strategies– from running promotions to creating content that reflects your ideas and skills. 


A barber suite gives you more flexibility than a barber booth rental or working at a traditional barbershop. You decide what days and hours you work based on your personal life and your clients’ schedules. Some salon suite rental locations offer 24/7 access, so you can take advantage of off-peak hours. How’s that for working whenever you want?  

How to Find a Barber Studio Rental Near Me

Look for barber suites for rent in areas where your target demographic hangs out frequently. It’s also helpful to look at competitors in the area to determine if there’s room in the local market for your services. 

When you’ve found a barber studio of interest, book a tour to scope things out. Chat with other barbers while you’re there to see firsthand if it has everything your business needs. 

Factors to Consider When Renting a Barber Suite Rental

The location of your barber studio should be easily accessible and have convenient parking options.
A one-station barber studio at Salon Republic in Hollywood, CA.


The location of your barber studio rental matters – a lot. Even if you’re the best barber in town, a hard-to-reach suite will negatively impact your business. Look for a suite rental that’s easily accessible, offers decent walkability, and has convenient parking options.


Before committing to renting a barber suite, find out what’s included in the total price of the rental studio (like utilities, Wi-Fi, etc.). Next, consider your costs and determine if the rental rate will work for your business. While the size and location will determine the rent, on average, a barber studio for lease ranges from $235 to $500 a week.

Supportive Amenities

Many barber and salon studios offer supportive amenities to help you succeed. For example, an on-site salon manager can take care of any maintenance issues you have as well as greet your clients when they walk in. Look at what the suite rental offers and see if it’s a good match for your barbershop. 

What to Look For in a Barber Studio Rental Agreement

Review all the fine details before signing a barber studio rental agreement. The rental contract should show the total cost of the space as well as how often the payment is due (if the rent is weekly, monthly, etc.). It should specify what’s included in the rent, such as Wi-Fi, parking, utilities, and amenities. The rental agreement should also state the penalties for late payment and what happens if you terminate your lease early.  

Common Questions About Barbershop Studio Rentals

Q. How much does it cost to rent a barber studio? 

On average, a barber studio rental ranges from $235-$500 a week. However, factors like size, location, and amenities will ultimately determine the cost. 

Q. What are the benefits of renting a private studio in a barber suite rental? 

The benefits of a barber studio rental include higher earning potential and the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss. It also has lower risk and cost than opening a storefront barbershop.

Q. What should I look for when renting a barber suite?

Before signing a rental agreement for a barber suite, consider the location, price, and amenities. 

Q. What are some important details in the rental agreement for a barber studio rental?

The rental agreement should specify the rate of your suite rental, what’s included in the rate, and the length of the rental term (and what happens if you need to terminate your lease early).

Q. How do I find a barber studio rental near me? 

Look in areas where your target market frequents and research nearby competitors. Next, book a tour of the rental to check out things firsthand.

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