Stylist Photo Tips From Andrew Does Hair

Andrew Does Hair gives advice of how to take photographs in different salon studio scenarios. He says the goal is to capture the best possible picture of a client’s hairstyle, which will serve as a portfolio on Instagram. This helps attract more clients and aligns with their vision. Here are some tips on how to achieve this.

Firstly, consider the lighting. The smaller your light source, the harder the highlights will be, which can result in harsh shadows on the skin. Large light sources are preferable, hence why studios often use big softbox umbrellas. Secondly, pay attention to the shades. They work to diffuse sunlight, softening the light and making the transition from highlights to shadows smoother. This results in a more flattering image. Remember, photography is about recording light. Regardless of whether you’re using a high-end camera or a DSLR, the quality of the light is key. If you have good lighting, even photos taken on a phone can look amazing. When setting up a shot, avoid having bright light behind the subject as it will make them appear dark. Instead, have the light source behind you or next to the model.

Another secret to amazing photos is using a reflector. This can help eliminate shadows under the eyes and smooth out the skin. It’s particularly useful when photographing a fade haircut, as it can help to evenly distribute light across the scalp.

When taking photos, consider the pose of your model. Avoid static, mugshot-like images. Instead, experiment with different angles and positions to emphasize certain features. Also, be mindful of your background. You want the focus to be on the haircut, not the wall behind it. Avoid distracting elements like brick walls or paintings. If you’re taking photos outside, aim for early morning or late evening when the light is softer. Avoid shooting in the harsh midday sun. In a studio without much natural light, you might need to bring in additional lighting. This can help to highlight the subject and add depth to the image.

Taking the time to study lighting and practice taking photos can greatly improve the quality of your images. Even if you’re busy, try to allocate some time to photograph your clients. This not only helps to build your portfolio but can also improve your hairdressing skills as you’ll start to notice details you might have missed before.

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